Therapy For Awakening


Although I work holistically with body, mind and spirit, my core focus is spiritual, or transpersonal. Transpersonal (spiritually focused) psychotherapy includes the universal Self beyond the personal ego-self. The goal of transpersonal therapy is to heal or make whole the egoic identity through awakening to our true identity, which is already and always balanced, whole and in harmony with all of life.

Transpersonal therapy addresses all the issues and concerns of the egoic identity, but from the much larger vantage point of your greater consciousness. This is where the solutions are found to all the problems that cause us suffering. The door is opened to this larger vantage point simply by accepting what is. As Eckhart Tolle says, “By accepting what is you become bigger than what is.”

I work from a transpersonal perspective because I have come to realize, through my own direct experience, that a conscious connection with our true nature is essential for releasing the old conditioned patterns and beliefs that keep us imprisoned in painful, problematic behaviors and patterns of relating.

Therefore, it is my intention to awaken what is most essentially true in clients in whatever way this can happen for them. I begin with wherever you are. No matter how small the experience of this may be, it has more power than anything else to transform your life.

I began by assisting people with being present in the moment with what is. Everyone can do this for a moment. And if we repeat moments of being present with an acceptance of what is, those moments grow longer and begin to transform our lives.

Other methods I use to assist in awakening consciousness are mindfulness practices, guided meditations and self-inquiry into who you truly are.

What is born in awakening
is a love of what is,
not a love of what could be.
This love liberates what is.
- Adyashanti