My Approach

The treatment I offer is holistic in that I work with body, mind and spirit to bring about wholeness and harmony with your self and life. I offer a deep compassion for the difficult issues clients bring while at the same time holding the truth of that which is already free within you.

I endeavor to meet each individual as the unique expression of the One that we all are, and allow a deeper wisdom to guide me to the work that most fits your specific needs. My style is empathic, compassionate and experiential.

The focus of my approach is primarily transpersonal (spiritually-focused).  I have come to realize that awakening to our true nature is the only way to be free in a true and lasting way from the issues that limit our potential and happiness. A direct experience of your true nature is immediately available and accessible at all times. It is my life passion to facilitate this awakening in others. See Therapy for Awakening for more information on transpersonal psychotherapy.

Throughout my 20+ years of experience, I have accumulated a variety of methods that, when combined with awareness and presence, facilitate awakening, healing and transformation. I utilize methods such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing to facilitate releasing stress and trauma in the nervous system so there is more more capacity to be present in the moment and more ease in accessing the transformative power of your ever-present true nature.

It is my deepest intention to work at the source of the problem. I am interested in facilitating awakening and transformation rather than temporary remedies. This is possible for all those who are ready to move beyond the conditioned mind structure into the freedom of our essential nature.

“What is essential is your conscious presence. That is what dissolves the past. That is the transformative agent.” –Eckhart Tolle

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