I have 20 years experience with EMDR. I have found EMDR to be helpful with any and all issues that people bring. I often combine EMDR with Somatic Experiencing, which I find to be highly effective. I also utilize EMDR to facilitate clients being present in the body with their direct experience in the moment.

EMDR IS A TECHNIQUE THAT CAN CLEAR TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE held in the nervous system and thereby alleviate the symptoms that result from trauma. We all have trauma in our lives of some kind. Some are severe and some are minor, but they all affect the nervous system. When these traumas are held in the body for a long period of time, they result in physical and/or psychological symptoms. The traumas that affect us the most are those that occur as an infant or in early childhood because the nervous system is not yet equipped to cope with them. These traumas can include accidents, injuries, high fevers in infants, medical procedures, surgeries, falls, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect.

EMDR IS A RAPID AND EFFICIENT METHOD FOR CLEARING A WIDE VARIETY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOMS such as: addictions, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, grief, PTSD, fears, attachment and relationships issues. Trauma can also result in physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, and many chronic illnesses and pain such as allergies, asthma, back pain, environmental illness, digestive problems, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. In addition, EMDR can help shift negative beliefs such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’m unloveable,” “I’m bad,” and “It was my fault.”

EMDR works with the neuro-networks in the brain in a way that helps to release past trauma and beliefs and bring you more into present time. This is done through what is called bilateral stimulation, which is a stimulation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This can be done in a variety of ways such as moving the eyes back and forth, having sound tones in each ear, buzzers in each hand, or by tapping the knees back and forth. The bilateral stimulation used in EMDR seems to unlock the nervous system and allow the brain to process the experience that has been stuck. The ability to process trauma is built into the nervous system. We just need to get the mind out of the way and allow it to happen.

For more information about EMDR, please visit www.emdr.com.

Recommended Reading:

EMDR: The Breakthrough “Eye Movement” Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Trauma, by Francine Shapiro

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“We encourage ourselves
to develop an open heart
and an open mind to
heaven, to hell, everything.
Only then can we see
that everything that comes
into our circle has come
to teach us what we need to know.”
- Pema Chodron