Awakened Relationship Counseling

We all have a deep longing to connect, to give and receive love. This is inherent in our human nature. Therefore, relationship is constantly driving us to look within and inquire into our patterns of relating that create conflict and separation. In my experience, the most common issue that brings people to therapy is the challenge of relationship.

Life teaches us the most through relationship. We are in relationship with everything we experience. This provides endless opportunities for exposing all of the beliefs and concepts that distort our view and keep us from being truly connected. It is through the struggles in relationship that we can potentially awaken to our shared essence and come into harmony with each other and all of life.

It seems that an unconscious relationship between two ego identities can never bring lasting happiness. Therefore, we are all being called to make relationship conscious and to awaken to our unity, together. Ultimately, consciousness is our only hope. As Eckhart Tolle says in his book, The Power of Now, “Without consciousness, all relationships are deeply flawed and ultimately dysfunctional.”

The opportunity is always available to bring the unconscious into the light of consciousness. All of our negative conditioning gets magnified and revealed in our intimate relationships. All conflict is based on conditioning being held onto and identified with. Each time this identification happens, there is an opportunity to become free of this.

When we accept this important opportunity, we come into conscious alignment with the force that is pulling us all back home to our true balance and wholeness. Relationship then becomes a healing partnership. It becomes a force itself—for awakening together and healing all that causes pain and separation.


“If you accept that the relationship
is here to make you conscious
instead of happy, then you will be
aligning yourself with the higher
consciousness that wants
to be born into this world.”
- Eckhart Tolle